I-K Silver is a stand alone boutique for everyone who appreciate silver as well as the art of silversmithing. Discover I-K Silver ’s sterling story of innovative design, expert craftsmanship and learn about our vision to enhance times of celebration and honour moments of joy through elements of luxury


I-K Silver is the name behind the art of creating handcrafted silver artworks made to pass on for generations. We promise impeccable quality of craftsmanship and purity. Your aspiration is the inspiration of our dedicated team of designers and craftsmen to keep creating and innovating with the timeless allure of silver.

Our journey has been the most gratifying experience which has led the brand to a unique blend of contemporary as well as classic style and craftsmanship . We take pride in the art of detailing that is resonated in every piece crafted by hand and thus making the brand the most cherished one in silver.

Our Philosophy

I-K Silver introduces a luxury home & accessories collection in which everyday objects are made extraordinary. We capture the purity, perfection, price and product that I-K Silver stands for.