Preserve the beauty of silver with some basic & periodic cleaning.
Wash Silverware immediately after they come in contact with food like eggs, mustard andmayonnaise as they cause tarnishing due to the sulphur content present in them.

Wash silver in hot sudsy water and rinse in hot clean water.
Use a soft cloth, mild detergent and hot water to clean silver.

Avoid all citrus detergents as they can cause rust spots on silver handles and blades.
Never use abrasive pads or steel wool to remove debris.
Do not soak silverware in water for hours, doing so dulls the finish.
Dry each piece right after washing by using a fresh clean cloth to avoid watermarks.
Maintain Your Silver!
Maintain those exquisitely designed sterling statements.
Use your flatware and hollowware regularly to maintain the shine and avoid tarnishing.

If your silverware set has multiple pieces, make sure each gets equal use.

Avoid rubber and latex gloves, they may contain sulphur which can tarnish the silver,instead use cotton gloves.

Do not use silver dips, polishes, abrasives, all purpose metal cleaner, toothpastes that are not suggested and recommended by us.

Do not wrap silver in plastic food wrap or use rubber bands to secure the silver, as they can permanently bond and discolour sterling silver.

Polishing Your Silver!

Restore the glow of well used silver by following the simple steps.

1. Firstly rinse the article in warm water and buff with a clean dry cloth. Put a
small amount of Hagerty silver polish on a clean cloth, use gentle lengthwise
strokes until tarnish is removed.

2. Follow the contour of each piece while applying polish. Move in an up-and-down motion. Never use circular or rubbing motion, otherwise it will highlight fine
scratches. Let dry for 15 minutes.

3. Take an unwashed clean soft flannel cloth, gently rub on the silver removing
tarnish. Turn the cloth frequently as you work, so tarnish isn't deposited back on your article.

4. Take another unwashed flannel and rub it gently on the piece to bring out the
patina and sheen.

5. Avoid excessive tarnish build-up in the first place. As, excessively polishing silver can wear down the finish, especially on silver plated pieces, so take care not to overdo it.

6. For small objects use a hog’s hair brush, not a toothbrush or household
paintbrush, as these are too abrasive.

7. Do not use silver dips, polishes, abrasives, all purpose metal cleaner, toothpaste that are not guaranteed and recommended by us.

8. If necessary, use a cotton bud: dip this into Silver Dip and work gently into
crevices to remove the tarnish before rinsing and drying.

9. Avoid rubber and latex gloves, as they may contain sulphur which can tarnish
the silver, instead use cotton gloves.

We encourage you to bring your product back to us for professional servicing. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of silver care.
Storing Your Silver!

Treat your meticulously hand crafted silver with respect and pride for a lifetime by storing it properly.

1. To avoid scratches, each piece of your silver should be stored individually in
its own flannel wrapping

2. Do not use wool, felt, chamois leather or newspaper for storing, as they can cause excessive tarnishing.

3. It is advised not be keep silver in unvarnished wooden shelves as they emit
harmful vapours due to wood’s acidic nature.

4. Beware of coal and gas fireplaces, they may cause silver accents to tarnish.

5. Store and keep in dry & cool places, as exposure to heat and moisture can lead to tarnishing.

Request a Repair
We are delighted to offer cleaning. Polishing & repair for most IK products. To submit a request, please contact our customer relations at info@iksilver.com or WhatsApp us at +919711443885.